Youth Camp (6th-12th Grade)

Campers will have the time of their lives creating summer memories at the spectacular James River Campground. The camp experience is crazy-fun and high energy-packed with team activities, games, and powerful, life-impacting services.

Kids Camp (2nd-5th Grade)

Everything about Camp is designed to help kids experience God in a way they will never forget! Swimming, team games, mud, engaging chapels, and life-long friendships are just part of what makes James River Kids Camps a blast from start to finish.

Summer Camp – FAQ

Who is Summer Camp for?

All students who have completed 2nd through 12th grade in Spring 2023

Where does Summer Camp take place?

• The James River Camp is set on beautiful grounds located an hour and a half east of James River Church South Campus (30 minutes northeast of Mountain Grove, MO).
• The campgrounds include a chapel, cafeteria, leaders’ lodge, swimming pool, lake and separate boys’ and girls’ dorms with indoor showers and toilets.
• Your child will be housed with their teammate and leaders in bunk-style dorms.

What are the Summer Camp dates?

-May 31-June 3 [Wed-Sat] (3rd-5th Grade)
-June 5-7 [Mon-Wed] (2nd-4th Grade)
-June 8-10 [Thu-Sat] (2nd-4th Grade)
-June 12–15 [Mon-Thu] (3rd-5th Grade)
-June 19–22 [Mon-Thu] (3rd-5th Grade)

-June 25-29 [Sun-Thu] (8th-12th Grade)
-July 2-6 [Sun-Thu] (6th-7th Grade)
-July 9-13 [Sun-Thu] (8th-12th Grade)
-July 16-20 [Sun-Thu] (6th-7th Grade)
-July 23-27 [Sun-Thu] (7th-10th Grade)

How can I find out more information about Kids Camps (grades 2-5)?

Kids Camp info can be found HERE

How can I find out more information about Youth Camps (grades 6-12)?

Youth Camp info can be found HERE