Adult Ministries Pastor – West Campus


Job Summary

The West Campus Adult Ministries Pastor at James River Church will function as an assistant to the Director of Adult Ministries by providing oversight of selected ministries, as well as working to maintain a team spirit among the other pastors who serve on the James River Church staff.

Essential Responsibilities & Duties


1. Life Groups

a. Assist in the oversight of Life Group leaders.

  • Periodically meet one-on-one with Life Group leaders to evaluate the status of their groups and provide encouragement and direction for them.
  • Be available to meet with leaders who are dealing with situations in their Life Group that need attention.
  • Work with other departments (Counseling, Church & Community Care, etc.) to ensure members of Life Groups who are experiencing difficulties can receive the necessary attention.
  • Ensure leaders understand and maintain the James River Church Life Groups qualifications and commitments.
  • Monitor the attendance of designated Life Groups.
  • Work to fill Life Groups needing more members.

b. Assist in the planning of the Life Group Leaders Conference as deemed necessary by the Director of Adult Ministries.

c. Assist in the planning of Life Group Launch as deemed necessary by the Director of Adult Ministries.

d. Coordinate with the Life Groups office to ensure the health of Life Groups.

  • Implement and monitor online attendance of all groups.
  • Oversee changes to group rosters.
  • Oversee new prospects.
  • Create a monthly attendance report.
  • Monitor the groups that do not meet regularly and follow up as needed.
  • Determine ways to replenish groups that are low in number.

e. Recruit Life Group leaders.

  • Coordinate with the Director of Adult Ministries and South Campus Life Groups Pastor for any suggestions of potential leaders, whether through personal relationship or multiplication.
  • Recruit leaders with the intention of launching new groups at strategic times (e.g. September, January, etc.).
  • Contact and meet with potential leaders.


2. Discipleship

a. Water Baptism (West Campus)

  • Serve as the staff person in charge of weekly baptisms.
  • Assist in the baptizing of candidates.

b. Prayer Team (West Campus)

  • Serve as staff point person overseeing the Prayer Team and Dream Team members.
  • Ensure that each Sunday morning service has adequate prayer team representation and that the prayer team seats are filled.
  • Coordinate and lead periodic training meetings with members of the team.


3. Men’s Ministry

a. Men’s Conference: Assist the Stronger Men’s Conference Team in the planning and execution of the annual Stronger Men’s Conference.

b. Men’s Bible Study:

  • Assist in the planning and coordination of the 6-week Men’s Bible Study held in the Spring and Fall, including curriculum planning.
  • Assist in the logistics, hosting, and leading of Men’s Bible Study at the James River Church West Campus.


4. Administration

a. Assist the Adult Ministries Pastor in various office duties as deemed necessary for the day-to-day operations of the office.

b. Lead and/or attend various leadership meetings as assigned.


5. General/Pastoral Ministry

a. Pastoral Care

  • Periodic hospital visitation
  • Periodic bereavement visitation
  • Periodic Monday first-time guests visitation
  • Pastor on call responsibilities when scheduled each month

b. Assist the West Campus Pastor in pastoral ministries and responsibilities for the weekly Sunday and Wednesday services 

c. Assist the West Campus Pastor in platform ministry for the weekly Sunday and Wednesday services

d. Attend all church special activities and projects as deemed necessary by the Lead Pastor, Campus Pastor, or Adult Ministries Pastor.

e. Provide written ministry and departmental reports as requested by the Lead Pastor, Campus Pastor, or Director of Adult Ministries.

f. Complete performance reviews.

g. Assist the Life Groups office in any other office or ministerial duties as deemed necessary by the Director of Adult Ministries.

Job Requirements

  1. Minimum of three (3) years of pastoral and ministry experience; OR
  2. Any equivalent combination of training and experience.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  1. Knowledge of modern office methods and procedures, filing, telephone techniques, and office equipment; as well as English usage, spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  2. Must have leadership ability.
  3. Must have theological knowledge to provide sound responses.
  4. Ability to get along well with others and handle confidential matters.
  5. Ability to manage time and multiple priorities to meet deadlines.
  6. Ability to communicate effectively and professionally, orally and in writing.
  7. PC skills including spreadsheet, database query and word processing.
  8. Must be punctual, pleasant and tactful with professional appearance and conduct.
  9. Exhibit professionalism and always maintain confidentiality.
  10. Capacity to interact positively with and provide service to others at all levels within JRC.
  11. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with supervising personnel, coworkers, civic organizations, business professionals, and the general public.
  12. Exhibit good judgment, honesty, integrity, responsibility, and punctuality through the utilization of professional work standards.
  13. Ability to work in a fast-paced environment while meeting critical deadlines.
  14. Must have strong analytical skills.

Code of Conduct & Character


James River Church is Pastor-led, and staff driven with board oversight. James River Church staff are expected and considered to share in the responsibility of practicing and propagating the Christian gospel message and upholding the doctrine of the Church (the employer), as stated on our website and in our Bylaws.  As leaders and ministers of the gospel, staff therefore agree to the following:

  1. Develop and maintain a close personal walk with the Lord including:
    • Daily devotional time with Lord.
    • Daily dependence on the empowerment of the Spirit.
  2. Develop a strong marriage and family life. This includes:
    • Communicating and sharing with your spouse.
    • Spending time together on days off and when extra time is available.
  3. Keep personal finances in order with no delinquencies.
  4. Attend all regularly scheduled services in the church. Special services and functions will be required as deemed necessary by the Lead Pastor.
  5. Maintain a high level of personal integrity, honesty and confidentiality in dealing both with the staff and congregation.
  6. Maintain a Christian outlook and attitude at all times.
  7. Maintain loyalty to the staff and church, actively promoting unity within the church.

Commitment to Ministry


By submitting my application for this position, I confirm I have read and accept the above Job Description/Code of Conduct and believe God has called me to serve in this capacity.

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