Lighting Engineer


Job Summary

The Lighting Engineer oversees the management and operation of the lighting console in the main auditoriums during all weekly services, special events, and off-site live productions. This role has the exciting opportunity to help in the recruitment and training of lighting volunteers while promoting a cohesive team environment across all areas of live production. They are positioned to perform research, preparation, and practice for the best use of lighting to create effects to best match the production style desired. As well as upgrade, install, and manage all equipment on and off the campuses.

Essential Responsibilities & Duties

  • To work closely with the Production Director and Live Production Team in assuming the primary responsibility of the programming and operation of the lighting consoles in all James River Church venues and locations.
  • To assume primary management and oversight of the lighting consoles on the James River Church locations and venues.
  • Maintain working knowledge of all lighting properties, designs, and programs for optimal production effect.
  • To play a significant role in the strategic planning of live events both on and off campus, including a defined “lighting” style for all campus venues, delivery of lighting plot in advance, ability to evoke the appropriate mood.
  • Manage the upgrades, installation, maintenance, organization, and repair of all equipment.
  • Recruit, train, and empower volunteers to operate the lighting console in all campus venues. Training programs should include style, one-on-one coaching, and technical training on light maintenance and LED video programming. Create a farm team structure that uses various venues to develop volunteers to their full potential in lighting engineering.
  • To assume primary management and oversight duties of the lighting volunteer team and confirmed scheduled operation for all events.
  • Accountable for lighting, crew, and lighting output during all event production as directed by the Production Director.
  • Understand basic electrical safety and coordination of lights, circuits, and lighting plots.
  • Attend rehearsals and creative meetings, as required. Schedule early meetings with set designers and/or other departments for collaboration.
  • To work with other members of the Live Production team to assist with venue preparation, system maintenance, and upgrades of equipment related to the lighting, audio, and video infrastructure of James River Church venues.
  • Assists other staff as needs arise and as assigned.

Job Requirements

  • Associate degree preferred.
  • Two to three (2-3) years of lighting experience required, OR
  • Any equivalent combination of training and experience.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • Recruitment of volunteers. Desire and ability to build community within the team and invest in the lives of the volunteers.
  • Ability to train, develop, and cast vision to adults with energy and encouragement.
  • Broad knowledge of church production.
  • Understanding and translating department goals and information into production concepts.
  • Ability to make quick, accurate, independent decisions under pressure.
  • Knowledge of modern office methods and procedures including computer, email, and telephone techniques; electronic filing; and office equipment.
  • Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing with knowledge of proper English usage, spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Exhibits good judgment, honesty, integrity, responsibility, and punctuality through the utilization of professional work standards.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with supervising personnel, coworkers, and the general public.
  • Promptly performs other related duties as assigned and required with excellence.

Code of Conduct & Character


James River Church is Pastor-led, and staff driven with board oversight. James River Church staff are expected and considered to share in the responsibility of practicing and propagating the Christian gospel message and upholding the doctrine of the Church (the employer), as stated on our website and in our Bylaws.  As leaders and ministers of the gospel, staff therefore agree to the following:

  1. Develop and maintain a close personal walk with the Lord including:
    • Daily devotional time with Lord.
    • Daily dependence on the empowerment of the Spirit.
  2. Develop a strong marriage and family life. This includes:
    • Communicating and sharing with your spouse.
    • Spending time together on days off and when extra time is available.
  3. Keep personal finances in order with no delinquencies.
  4. Attend all regularly scheduled services in the church. Special services and functions will be required as deemed necessary by the Lead Pastor.
  5. Maintain a high level of personal integrity, honesty and confidentiality in dealing both with the staff and congregation.
  6. Maintain a Christian outlook and attitude at all times.
  7. Maintain loyalty to the staff and church, actively promoting unity within the church.

Commitment to Ministry


By submitting my application for this position, I confirm I have read and accept the above Job Description/Code of Conduct and believe God has called me to serve in this capacity.

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